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Hello there! Kumusta? How far along are you on your list?
I mean, Life is a never-ending to-do list.

Tasks to carry out, steps to take, places to discover, processes and experiences to go through – they all seem to never run out.

Younger age requires an awful lot to accomplish in the quest for
happiness and success. Older age (if we’re lucky) triggers a lot to make up for lost time. Luckily, some of us find our life’s meaning and purposes somewhere in between.

We wake up each morning with or without the list on hand.
But we know it’s there, waiting for us to deal with the items
one by one, with some might be prerequisites to
the next entries as we go further down the list.

That’s why we never stop.

No matter who or where you are, a wonderful life’s journey to you! :)


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  1. Aug 14 2012

    Ey Syves,

    I’m a happy visitor. Keep posting lots of your writings. I’d like to read more of your thoughts in this blog site.
    By the way, please add a widget in your blog page where anyone interested can subscribe or register as avid Follower. :D


    • Syve
      Aug 16 2012

      Thanks Mike! thanks for the tip. =)

  2. Jun 18 2013

    Thanks for linking me Syvs, be sure that I will be your constant “stalker” here :) Muwahh.

    • Syve
      Jun 18 2013

      Hi Idel! Welcome kaayo ka nga “stalker”, haha! thanks for dropping by. :)


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