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A Practical Mom’s Tips to Surviving Frequent Brownouts

Brownouts and power outages are commonplace in our town, often unannounced. And where solar panels or home generator are expensive options, the following are some tips to proactively turn power interruptions into opportunities:

  • Go over your to-do list and tick off some items that do not require electricity (DIY projects, house or appliance repairs, etc). Make sure you have that list ready.
  • Learn to schedule your day’s or week’s (even month’s) activities in advance, making allowances for power interruptions. Create simple habits like the whole family taking a bath early even on weekends.
  • Regularly check your cell phones, emergency lights, and rechargeable batteries if they are charged. Have a spare for each of the necessary items.
  • It’s an opportunity to clean up or arrange anything that you’ve been putting off cleaning or organizing.
  • Read books.
  • Play and have fun with the kids and the kids at heart – board games, art activities, or other indoor/outdoor pastimes. A perfect time to take a break from TV, computer games, or  the internet.

  • If the brownout falls on a weekend, you can schedule long overdue family or friends’ day-out. A road trip or a picnic to somewhere naturally fresh and airy like the public beach or farm seems like a good idea.

  • Sleep on the hammock outside the house (if you don’t have, you can create space for one).
  • Even if you’re not a pro or a hobbyist, take some photos.

  • If you’re at home, get around to cooking if you’re using LPG or firewood.
  • Get the whole family interested in gardening. You can grow your own food or plant herbs, ornamental plants, and trees. Gardening is therapeutic – ask an enthusiast.
  • Pick up the acoustic guitar. Maybe you can compose a song or two. Or create a video that you can upload in Youtube. (Thus, make sure your cell phones and cameras are charged or spare batteries are readily available). ;)

  • Think of it as an opportunity to cut expenses by reducing energy consumption so it’s actually a good thing. ;)
  • This gives you time to appreciate the comforts brought about by electricity. And then maybe, you can innovate or find workarounds, or invent or create an untapped power supply or source. Some great ideas or inventions were borne out of inconvenience or necessity.
  • Appreciate the silence or the natural voices and sounds.

May we continue to create opportunities and not wait around for them. Cheers! :D